Electronic brake set EBS STRONG

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  • This set allows you to safely slow down or stop riding on in-line skates.
  • it is also intended for skaters of a higher weight category (up to 110 kg/242 lb) and for advanced users of skates.
  • The STRONG version is also suitable for descending steeper hills.
  • Customers outside the EU – you will pay the tax and duties according to your country when receiving the package.
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More powerful

STRONG version is more powerful, more accurate and can be used also by heavier skaters. This model is suitable for descending steeper hills.

Maximum weight

Recommended maximum weight of the skater is 110 kg/242 lb for maximum effective braking.


High-quality batteries

Powered by integrated high-quality Li-ion batteries, which are charged via micro USB ports. The package includes 3x USB charger with cables also.

Low battery signal

Brake set battery allows you to drive 2 to 4 hours using EBS when fully charged. The EBS has a visual and acoustic signal that warns you that the batteries are almost empty.

Stop Button

STOP button is block the wheels – so it cannot spin and you can put on your skates safely or overcome some obstacles, such as stairs.

Easy installation

Assembly and adjustment is very easy and most of you can install it by yourself on your skates. Just follow the instructions.

Easy braking

Braking with EBS is very easy, comfortable and safe and you will learn it in a few minutes.

Self-adjusting system

The system is self-adjusting - the correct distance of the braking segment from the skate wheels is automatically set every time the device is switched on

Wireless controller

Control your roller skates brakes through wireless controller.

Self-adjusting system

Automatic setup calibration of the braking segment from the skate wheels.

Smooth braking

The brakes work on high-end technology, which allows smooth braking.

4-2 hours of braking

Batteries will keep the brake set running for two to four hours.

Wireless controller
Electronic Brake
USB Charger
Braking segment

Skate without limits

Maximum Ride Control


Increasing the safety of skating


Faster braking then standard brake

Stopskate EBS

Stopskate EBS is a braking system that consists of a remote control and two brake calipers – one on the right skate and the other on the left skate.

Smooth braking

The remote control controls both brake calipers, which brake both wheels at the same time. The braking is very continuousand at the maximum pressing of the regulator also sufficiently intensive.

Additional information

Brake caliper size

130 x 65 x 20 mm

Brake caliper weight

126 g



Package size

145 x 150 x 80 mm

Package weight


Remote control size

40 x 85 x 20 mm

Remote control weight


Wireless interface


Package contents

1 left and 1 right brake, 1 remote controller, assembly keys, set of mounting pads and screws, installation manual, 3xUSB cable, 1 charger


If you purchase a set that is incompatible with your type of skates, it is possible to return the undamaged set within 14 days. This product has a 2-year warranty. You can find the warranty conditions in the business conditions section. Please download a return form from Support, manual, return request. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: info@stopskate.com

The electronic brake set EBS allows you to slow down and stop riding on inline skates safely. It is designed for classic roller skates for adults, which meet the following compatibility conditions:

Follow the instructions above to select the appropriate brake type.

Detailed instructions on how to choose the right brake can be found HERE

If you buy brakes that are not compatible with your type of skate, you can return the undamaged set within 14 days. This product is guaranteed for 2 years.

The warranty conditions can be found in the Terms and Conditions section. If you have any questions, please contact: info@stopskate.com

I can recommend these brakes, a great invention. These brakes provide so much safety. This investment is definitely worth it!

Vivi (Germany)

I have been trying the system for two months, I say that it is very effective and useful. Now it is possible to travel light and narrow slopes (but also of a certain slope) with safety. You have to take some practice especially at the beginning, and position the skates as described in the manual because the brakes are very effective. The risk is to break too hard and get stuck. But this also depends on the type of wheel installed (soft – hard). The battery life, in one session, is good but I recommend extending the duration a little more.
It is a good product, well built and easy to install on the skates!

Massimo (Italy)

The brake is very reliable in the ride. I mainly tested the downhill.

Michal Machon (Czech)

Great buy! You have to practice it a little first to get the right braking point and keep your balance. But then it’s a great thing, works perfectly.

Christian (Germany)

This is truly a revolutionary speed control system on inline skates.

I have already used the product on steeper hills and I must say that it brakes there as well, but it has its “buts”. It is necessary to brake smoothly and slowly add to the efficiency before you completely reduce the speed. If you need faster braking downhill, ultimately means failure. However, if you use the classic brake with a stopper or the side of the wheels for the emergency in these cases, you will distinguish when it is possible to start braking with the Stopskate system, you will find that the product not only allows you to brake beautifully, but you can also walk with it without having to change. Battery life is fine. Two hours of skating and it braked fine. Mounting on my fit skates was trouble-free according to the instructions. The controller sits nicely in your hand. If you learn to use the button sensitively, you will get used to the attitude and effectiveness, I can recommend.

Jan Hlavatý (Czech)

I decided for a long time and considered buying this brake system. After all, the price of the brakes is almost double the price of my skates.

So, I couldn’t resist and bought the brakes. Delivery after ordering very fast. According to the instructions, I managed the installation without any problems, the instructions are well processed and there is basically nothing to make. In the end, it was also no problem with the ride, if the skater is used to using the heel brake, ie to have one foot advanced when braking, so there is no problem with controlling this brake. After a few kilometers and constant testing of how it slows down, I already managed this as if I were using them some Friday. Today I can say that I do not regret the purchase because the comfort of driving has greatly increased and one does not have to be afraid of any hill. So thumbs up for me.

Lubomír (Czech)

It works perfectly! The system helps a lot when driving and also when putting on and getting up as well as when walking up or downstairs… The company also helped me with other installation pads, because both wheel frames are the same, not mirror-inverted as one would expect.

Jaroslav Hrášek (Czech)

I am absolutely thrilled with the stopskate system, it works perfectly. You have to get used to it and slowly press the stop button. Perfect braking even in the rain. I can absolutely recommend the system! Yes, and the service is just great, thanks to Tereza!

Harald (Germany)