Electronic Brake System (EBS)

Electronic Brake System (EBS)

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Wireless controller

Control your roller skates brakes through wireless controller.

Self-adjusting system

Automatic setup calibration of the braking segment from the skate wheels after each switch-on.

Smooth braking

The brakes work on high-end technology, which allows smooth braking.

4-2 hours of braking

Batteries will keep the brake set running for two to four hours in a full charge and maximum use.

Wireless controller
Electronic Brake
USB Charger
Braking segment

Skate without limits

Maximum Ride Control


Increasing the safety of skating


Faster braking then standard brake

Stopskate EBS

Stopskate EBS is a braking system that consists of a remote control and two brake calipers – one on the right skate and the other on the left skate.

Smooth braking

The remote control controls both brake calipers, which brake both wheels at the same time. The braking is very continuousand at the maximum pressing of the regulator also sufficiently intensive.
Quality Over Quantity

Invented from scratch for

passionate roller skaters

High-quality batteries

Powered by integrated high-quality Li-ion batteries, which are charged via micro USB ports. The package includes 3x USB charger with cables also.

Low battery signal

The electronic brake set has a visual and acoustic signal that warns you that the batteries are almost empty and you need to recharge them.

Stop Button

STOP button is block the wheels – so it cannot spin and you can put on your skates safely or overcome some obstacles, such as stairs.

Easy installation

Assembly and adjustment is very easy and most of you can install it by yourself on your skates. Just follow the instructions.

Easy braking

Braking with EBS is very easy, comfortable and safe and you will learn it in a few minutes.

Self-adjusting system

The system is self-adjusting - the correct distance of the braking segment from the skate wheels is automatically set every time the device is switched on

Total Control
Ride Without Limits

Electronic brake set EBS

Size S,M,L

Electronic brake set EBS STRONG

Size S,M,L