About Us

About Us

Czech based startup with passion to roller skating

The Czech company Stopskate s.r.o., based in Olomouc, was founded in 2017 as a technological startup, which focused on the development of the first electronic brake for inline skates.

We focuse on the development, production and distribution of electronic braking systems all over the world and we would like to make inline skating safer, more comfortable and more accessible than before.

Meet the Team

Passionate roller skaters, who want to solve 200 years old problem how to efficiently and easily brake on roller skaters

Jaroslav Černý



Patrik Partsch

Technical Director

+420 773 238 160

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The Award

Best Of CES 2020

From idea to the real product

Long and challenging engineering development, how to create cutting edge brake system for roller skates


2017 - The Start of Development

The Hundreds of hours of working and testing on the Olomouc cycle and inline trails

2019 - The first working concept

After dozens of fails, the world's first electronic brake for inline skates was born!

2020 - The release of Electronic Breaking System

Release of the first electronic braking system EBS 480 and EBS 480 STRONG for inline skates. The first success at the world's largest consumer electronics trade fair CES in LAS Vegas "the best of CES 2020"

2023 - The release of Xara mechanical vane brake

Introduction of mechanical vane brakes for inline skates. The Xara brake significantly improves the safety of inline skating and brings a higher level of comfort when skating.

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