Ayroo Top + EBS Stopskate

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Maximum weight EBS

Recommended maximum weight of the skater is 90 kg/198 lb for maximum effective braking.

Maximum weight EBS Strong

Recommended maximum weight of the skater is 110 kg/242 lb for maximum effective braking.


EBS Strong

Thanks to combination of the modern design of Tempish skates and the latest Stopskate braking technology, skating will be more comfortable for you than before.

Why buy this set?

  • Completely adjusted inline skates + brake = safe skating without worries
  • Elimination of the process of selecting the appropriate type of brake and subsequent installation
  • Comfortable shoe with reflective elements for maximum safety
  • The solid chassis for 4 wheels with a maximum diameter of 84 mm guarantees a compromise between fast driving and stability
  • Walking upstairs and putting on skates without turning the wheels thanks to the STOP button
  • “TEMPISH Lacing system” for quick tightening and loosening of the skate
  • Skate ventilation
  • Safe stopping and deceleration

You can find more information about EBS under individual products in our e-shop.

More information about individual skates can be found here

Package includes: 1 pair of Ayroo Top with EBS installed, manual, controller, charger, set of Allen keys and 3xUSB cable

This set is covered by a 2-year warranty. It is possible to return an undamaged set within 14 days. You can find the complaint form HERE

Additional information


PE / NYLON, two-part, anatomical space of the skeleton for the ankle, higher reinforced structure.

Interior material

Reinforced NYLON / NYLEX, anatomical, material with memory, reinforced on the outside, soft lining around the Achilles tendon, anatomical insole

In-line chassis

Chassis made of aluminum alloy, system of fixed attachment to the skeleton.

Wheel type

RADICAL PU Casting (PUC), Super Hi-Rebound (SHR), high quality wheels

Wheel diameter

84 mm

Wheel hardness



ABEC 9 chrome steel+rubber washer

Switching system

FitGo system, 1x buckle, 1x Velcro strap

Degree of load capacity of sports load


Maximum load [kg]



It is possible to return the undamaged set within 14 days. This product has a 2-year warranty. You can find the warranty conditions in the business conditions section. Please download a return form from Support, manual, return request. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: info@stopskate.com

Wireless interface




Brake caliper size

130 x 65 x 20 mm

Remote control size

40 x 85 x 20 mm

Brake caliper weight

126 g

Remote control weight


Maximum weight of the skater

EBS: 90kg/198 lb
EBS Strong: 110kg/242 lb