How to choose EBS

How to choose EBS

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1. Measure the distance between centers of two skate wheels

Based on this, select the type S (80 – 105 mm/3,14 – 4,13 inch), M (110 – 135 mm/4,33 – 5,3 1inch), L (134 – 170 mm/5,28 – 6,69 inch)

If you have roller skates with 3 wheels, proceed in the same way as for 4 wheels

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2. Select type of screw 1 or 2

Check what screw your skates have and choose the right type based on that. 1 – screw in the frame, or 2 – screw and nut

Type 1

Type 2

3. Check your skates

Make sure your skates have a suitable frame cut and the size of your wheels is ø84 – 125 mm/ø3,31 – 4,92 inch

4. Last step

Choose the EBS or EBS STRONG version. The main difference: EBS STRONG is more powerful, more accurate and designed for skaters of higher weight category (up to 110 kg/242 lb), it is also suitable for descending steeper hills. Now all you have to do is order the brakes on our e-shop.

If you don´t know, which brake to choose, send us a photo of your skate frame from both sides to: and we will be happy to help you

Patrik PartschTechnical Director
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